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  • Why do we eat Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival?
    Why do we eat Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival? Jun 06, 2024
    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in our country, in our country has more than 2000 years of history, in most of the festivals in our country have their own unique diet, and the Dragon Boat Festival is Zongzi, the Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi is the most important thing in the Dragon Boat Festival, so the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival eating Zongzi, why should the Dragon Boat Festival eat Zongzi?   According to folk legend, zongzi is eaten in memory of Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet. In the Records of the Grand Historian, people can know that Qu Yuan was a minister of Chu. Qu Yuan thought of allying with the state of Qi against the state of Qin. However, Qu Yuan's ideas met with opposition, and Qu Yuan was eventually framed and deposed. During his exile, when Qu Yuan learned that Chu had been defeated by Qin, he was heartbroken and threw himself into the Miluo River.   It is reported that after Qu Yuan's death, the people of Chu were deeply grieved. In order to prevent Qu Yuan's body from being eroded by fish and shrimp. People spontaneously throw zongzi into the river. What is the meaning of eating zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival? Eating zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival is to express people's memory and reverence for Qu Yuan.   Eating zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival has become a specific festival custom, both in the south and the north of the people, will eat zongzi on this day. On this day, people eat zongzi to commemorate Qu Yuan.   Eating zongzi need to pay attention to what: Zongzi is mostly made of glutinous rice, high viscosity, not easy to digest, and lack of fiber, containing too much fat, salt, sugar. So it is recommended not to eat more than 3 to 5 a day.   The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, in China is a legal holiday, if there is a need for silicone products, plastic products, welcome to call letter consultation oh. I wish you all happy!  

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