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Make Your Summer Cooler In Life & Work

Jun 07, 2023

In June, we enter the new Summer again.


Whether you walk on the road, whether you enter the woods, whether you stand under the eaves, the summer sun will always follow you like a shadow, accompanying you, pestering you, can not shake off.


June raid, startled a hundred birds singing, like a dream back to the secluded Chu, ten thousand bells played, sometimes comfortable like water, and light like floating clouds, sometimes surging like waves, and shock like ten thousand horses galloping. Always twists and turns, cadence, not to make people happy.


Now if you order, whatever on silicone rubber products, or metal clips springs, we can give you Summer big sale, give you cooling on your working. And you can use our silicone ice cream or ice cube tray molds to make ice food, to cool your hot in life:)


Welcome, welcome to Xiamen Yu Li Xin Company!





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