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  • China Mid-Autunm Day
    China Mid-Autunm Day Sep 08, 2023
    The 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the traditional Chinese festival: Mid-Autumn Festival. Together with the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Qingming Festival, it is called the four traditional festivals of the Han Chinese. It originated in the Tang Dynasty, at that time, to admire the moon as the main. During the Qingming period, it became a "folk festival". The Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023 is coming again!      The Mid-Autumn Festival is also our favorite festival of the year. The night of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a beautiful and peaceful evening. Usually after dinner, every family gets together to taste delicious moon cakes and fruits under the moon and enjoy the happiness of family.   I can't help thinking of a guest in Canada who ordered 4-cavity mooncake mold a few years ago. He's a cooking enthusiast, and he said he was entertaining his friends and family. I hope he can use our silicone mooncake mold every year to make beautiful and delicious mooncakes! This year, a guest from Philippines also ordered mooncake moulds with their logos. The first time is made of silicone material, they want harder, so we provide him plastic in 2nd times.     We can offer silicone material mooncake molds & DIY plastic mooncake molds, both of them are food grade. We have many designs (like animals, flowers, geometric line pattern) already, low MOQ limited, high quality, welcome friends to come to consult! Finally, I wish friends all over the world a happy holiday, good health and happy work! 

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