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  • Coco Lee - remembered forever
    Coco Lee - remembered forever Aug 12, 2023
    After all this time, I still miss her. A beautiful, sunny lady was away from us for more than a month. She is Coco Lee, born in Hong Kong, China, graduated from the University of California, United States, Hong Kong female singer and actress, as the first to enter the American pop music scene and the first Chinese singer to release an English album worldwide.   Since youth, I have been listening to her songs, good monochrome, strong sense of rhythm. Her dancing is also very good, although her leg is a little defective. There is a will, there is a way. She has become such a shining star, not only in China, but also abroad. We should learn from her, study hard, work hard for our dreams!   On July 5, 2023, when I heard the news of Coco's death, I was really shocked! I can't accept this reality! Her every twinkle and smile as if it were yesterday! I couldn't hold back my tears, and I played her songs right away, just to make me feel better.   On July 31, a memorial service was held at the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point, Hong Kong, China. Thousands of friends, family, and fans came to see her off. Because I live far, I could not go there, but I watched the live broadcast, and the silent tears flowed from the beginning to the end. I miss her so much, I can't see her on video/TV anymore. Sincerely wish she has only joy and happiness in heaven!   When we miss a friend, some friends, somethings, some brands, we can rint them on our silicone wristbands, silicone cups, silicone placemats, etc. This can help us to remember all the time, or play a role in publicity!

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